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1. Why is it beneficial for your company to install energy efficient equipment?

You company will be able to decrease its energy consumption, which will directly lead to the decrease of the first price of your goods and will allow your company to grow further. New energy efficient equipment will help reduce the dependence of your company from external energy suppliers meaning the prevention of electricity interruptions and as a consequence – less financial losses and increased reliability of your business.

2. How can I estimate the economic benefit from the installation of energy efficient equipment?

Our experts created the Calculator of energy efficiency, with the help of which you can confirm energy savings and estimate the potential economic effect of the project.

3. What is RuSEFF?

The Russian Sustainable Energy Efficiency Program is a credit facility, created by the European bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) for financing of energy efficient and renewable projects in Russia. The RuSEFF Team is responsible for the technical assessment of the financing projects.

4. Who can obtain a loan within RuSEFF Program?

There are two basic requirements to the eligible borrower. The first concerns the borrower directly, and the second one is imposed to the Project which he realizes.
  • The borrower must be a sole entrepreneur or a company with the share of private ownership more than 51 %. Business must be registered and carried out in Russia. Business activities must exclude the production of weapons, tobacco products and alcohol, gambling (according to the Environmental and Social Exclusion list of EBRD).
  • The realized Project must include implementation of equipment from the List of Eligible Material and Equipment (LEME list) or bring at least 15 % of energy savings with internal rate of return is above 10 %. As the borrower there also can be the supplier or even producer of energy efficient equipment.

5. What are the examples of realized within RuSEFF projects?

You can see the examples of the Projects as well as download them on our website. Here you can find the problem description, solutions proposed by RuSEFF experts and calculated real economic impact and energy savings due to Project implementation. 

6. What are the conditions of the loans?

Conditions of the loans are determined by partner banks (or leasing companies), but the maximum amount which can be obtained within the Program from the EBRD funds is 300 mln RUB.

7. Is it possible to get a loan in EUR or USD?

Yes, the loan currency is not set up by the Program and is determined exclusively by partner bank.

8. How many commercial banks participate in RuSEFF program? Are there some non-bank institutions?

There are currently several commercial banks participating in RuSEFF Program:


And two leasing companies:


9. Is there any grant component within the Program?

No, RuSEFF Program does not include a grant component, which can be explained by the fact that all our projects are profitable and have quite short payback period.

10. How to apply for a loan?

You can use our website or contact one of our partner institutions directly.

11. Can I obtain a loan within the Program in case if my business is not located in Moscow?

Of course, you can. More than 80 % of our projects are being realised outside the Central Federal District. Our partners are either regional financial institutions or federal ones with extensive branch network.

12. I am a sole entrepreneur, but I decided to replace windows in my flat – is it possible to benefit from the RuSEFF Program somehow?

Yes, there is a special Program within the RuSEFF, which is focused on individuals who want to modernize their housing, which is called RuSEFF Residential.  

13. What is LEME list and how to benefit from it?

List of Eligible Material and Equipment (or simply - LEME list) a list containing advanced energy efficient equipment. There are currently more than 1500 different items of equipment from insulation, office equipment to mini-CHP, steam boilers, individual heating units, etc. It is quite easy to use it, you just need to choose the category of equipment, then the LEME will show you the list of available equipment including the manufacturer's name, equipment model, efficiency and several additional parameters. From the list then you can choose the most appropriate options for you. At the same time, if you know the model of equipment or its producer, you can use the “Search” option as well.

14. To whom the producer of energy efficient equipment can contact about the possibility of its inclusion into the LEME list?

You can write us an e-mail:, or call us using the following number: +7(499) 409 57 47. Our engineers will be happy to consider your proposals.

15. Who is responsible for equipment monitoring?  How often it is being corrected?

Our engineers are responsible for equipment monitoring, they are constantly correcting the existing version of the LEME list by removing obsolete equipment with new models and including new units.

16. What are the main advantages of RuSEFF for my company?

Your company will improve the quality ofconsumed energy, which will decrease the cost of your products and allow your company to obtain additional competitive advantage on the market. Our team consists of highly professional engineers as well as financial analysts who can help you to estimate the overall technical and economic impact of your Project. Moreover, for more reliable estimations, ourexpertsmake energy assessment of your company in place. This visit is free of charge!

17. Should I pay for the consulting services of RuSEFF experts?

No, our experts provide energy assessment on at no cost both for the borrower and participating partner institution.

18. Who is financing RuSEFF Program?

The Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety of Germany is financing the Program.

19. How can commercial bank (leasing company) participate in the Program?

In order to become one of our partner institutions, a commercial bank or a leasing company should contact to the Department of financial institutions of Russia local office of EBRD in Moscow (Тел: +7 (495) 787 1111).

20. Are the any similar programes in other countries?

Yes, the EBRD has successfully established several similar programes in other countries, for example:


Wetern Balkans (Albania, Bosnia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia)
















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