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EBRD Shareholder Special Fund


To be financed under RUSEFF certain eligibility criteria have to be fulfilled. These apply to the companies and the purpose / outcomes from the investments. RUSEFF will help you to check if you meet these criteria.

Financing of up to RUB 300 million is available under RUSEFF through the partner banks.

Company Requirements:

  • Companies with of at least 51% of private shares and sole entrepreneurs;

  • Registered and operating in the Russian Federation;

  • Not engaged in the business of tobacco products, hard alcohol, gambling or arms.


Project Requirements (one of these criteria must be fulfilled):

  • Approved equipment from the Equipment Selector;

  • Modernisation should result in energy savings of at least 15% and IRR of 10%;

  • Manufacturer and/or supplier of goods which lead to improved energy efficiency.


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