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Energy Efficiency Calculator

Validate your energy savings and potential profitability.

This calculator is a tool for assessment of standard and universal equipment modernisations. Based on the selected energy efficiency measure and input of general data the tool evaluates potential profitability of the investment and energy savings. Additionally the tool provides information about the CO2 savings and the environmental performance of the modernization.



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General project questions

Which field address the investment project?
Energy efficiency
Renewable energy

Investment project data

What is the percentage of private ownership of the company?
MORE Than 50% private ownership
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Currency of investment:

What types of energy are come into question?
Electricity Gas Coal Other

Energy consumption before modernisation

The Energy consumption before modernisation.

Fuel Energy Consumption Tariff Energy Costs
Electricity USD/ USD
Gas (11 kWh/m3) USD/ USD
Coal (8.2 kWh/kg) USD/ USD
Other USD/ USD
Total USD
Energy saving after modernisation

Please enter the expected energy saving after modernisation.

Total volume of investments:

Expected energy saving after modernisation:
Expected energy saving in %

Consideration of coefficient 3.5 to calculate electricity savings in fuel equivalent

Additional cost reductions (reduced material costs, operation stuff etc.):