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December 2013

UniCredit Leasing hold a closed seminar for managers of industrial enterprisesin Samara onDecember3, 2013.  The seminar was organized undertheRuSEFF Program created by European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).  The main topic of the meeting was financing of energy efficient modernization of production with the particular focus on existing opportunities on improvement of the efficiency of business including lease financing.The discussion of specific projectsimplemented to address different operational challenges facing by businesses can be considered as an additional bonus for the participants.

Alexander KlyuevDirector of  the Department of Leasing Sales of UniCredit Leasing, noticed:By organizing this seminar, we would not only answer the question on how to obtain finance for energy efficient production, but also highlight the existing unique opportunities for enterprises of Samara and other neighbouring regions appeared with the implementation of our new program of leasing financing – EcoLeasing.

Grigory Chorayan, Deputy Director of RuSEFF Program, added: “We are happy with the opportunity to hold seminar for enterprises of Samara region together with the UniCredit Group. We havegaineda considerableexperienceon energy efficiency and we understand how important it is for owners and managers of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Russian regions to focus on unrealized potentialof reducing energy consumption”.

According to RIA-Rating data on 2013, Samara region is considered to be one of the most developed Russian regions in socio-economic terms. However, the competitiveness of the economy of this region remains low, which can affect its investment attractiveness.  Nevertheless, thereareseveralregionaladvanced companies, which are ready to develop production with low energy costs and, what is more important, to invest funds on modernization of facilities. Allthiscreatespotentialonfurthersuccessfuldevelopment.


  • Speciallycreated byUnicreditLeasingprogramfor companies planning to renew their material and technical base;
  • The Programcombines both standardadvantages ofleasing financing and independent technical assistance of RuSEFF experts. The level of technical supportis determined individually and depends largely on the type and complexity of the investment project.
  • The Program has been founded in November2013, since then more than 125 leasing transactions has been performed.

The seminar program

Evgeniya Semenova, Senior Manager of  UniCredit Leasing Sales Office,  presentedthe special leasing Program – EcoLeasing – created together with RuSEFF, and gave concreteexamples of projects financed within this Program.

Sergey Kishchenko, Chief Engineer of RuSEFF, deliveredspeechonthe scopeandvolume of technical support of RuSEFF experts allowing the clients to make the most efficient practical decisions, range them and optimizeinvestment costs.

Mini-CHP technology has raised the largest interest among the participants, with the help of which companies can increase the reliability of energy power supply, decrease energy costs and create a stable base for further sustainable growth of their business.