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March 2014

Transcapitalbank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, which created the Russian Sustainable Energy Financing Facility (RuSEFF), planned in the nearest future to invest RUB 1,160 bln into energy savings in commercial and residential sectors.  Financial resources will be available throughout the whole Russian territory including Sverdlovsk region.

One of the starting points in the realization of potential projects in this region was the seminar for the clients and officers of Transcapitalbank, which was held on February, 28 2014 in Ekaterinburg and covered not only detailed conditions of participation in the Program, but also the examples of successfully realized projects in different industries.  

The RuSEFF Program provides loans to SMEs up to RUB 300 mln through participating financial institutions for investments into modern equipment and materials led to energy efficiency. In the Ural district under RuSEFF more than 70 projects were realized exceeding in total RUB 600 mln with average profitability level – 20 % and payback period – 3-5 years. The average level of energy saving of these projects equals to 30 % and 1 mln MWh in-kind. Total environmental effect can be compared with annual energy consumption of 150,000 households and emissions of 125,000 cars.

Transcapitalbank and RuSEFF started mutual cooperation at the end of 2013, but several projects have been already realized aiming at increase of energy efficiency in different regions. 

In particular, financing of company engaged in machinery construction had been approved. Those funds will be directed to the replacement of 5,800 lamps with the capacity of 1,000 V each on energy efficient ones. As the result, the annual energy consumption will decrease by 64,932 MW and emissions – by 10,259 tones CO₂-eq., which is approximately equal to greenhouse gas exhaust of 5,000 cars. The payback period of this project is also impressive – only 2.1 years.

Active mutual cooperation of RuSEFF and TKB experts in Sverdlovsk region will allow local SMEs to get access to additional possibilities of development for their businesses. It is primarily an access to long-term financing and opportunity to decrease significantly their energy consumption and costs, increase their competitiveness and investment attractiveness of their businesses. Borrowers will also get access to the free-of-charge technical assistance provided by RuSEFF experts.