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March 2015

On 2 March 2015, the consultants of the Russia Small Business Fund made a presentation of the project "RSBF 2.0. – a new channel of knowledge transfer to Russian bankers" in the office of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (the EBRD).
The presentation was devoted to the demonstration of interim project results and further potential of the Knowledge-Sharing Platform (the KSP), followed by a discussion of the project's perspectives.
The RSBF experts put special emphasis on the importance of the training events (seminars, trainings, working groups) already held, and stressed the need for further development of this component in line with the current trends in the MSME lending market.
One of the central issues of the presentation was the practical application of the RSBF Knowledge-Sharing Platform. The RSBF consultants demonstrated the Platform's functional features, such as online learning and distance knowledge testing for the banking staff, who can use these functions on-the-job, right from their working place. The speakers gave three practical examples of systematic use of the KSP by Russian banks: Vozrozhdenie Bank, Asian-Pacific Bank, and Bank Intesa. These banks have successfully integrated the system of online learning based on our e-text books and knowledge testing offered by the KSP in their in-house corporate training systems. 
Among other EBRD representatives, the event was attended by the RuSEFF experts.
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