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December 2014

Having successfully realized more than 1000 projects, 400 of them in frames of EcoLeasing program, RuSEFF proved that energy efficiency is a real concern of the Russian entrepreneurs.

Baisad, a local producer of pasta from the Stavropol region, is one of the most prominent examples of the program. 
Baisad’s project achieved the highest level of energy consumption in food industry among all the RuSEFF projects.

The company has vast production facilities that need modernization due to excessive energy costs of the production.

The outdated pasta production line consumed excessive amount of energy, which caused high production costs, and additionally was quite unreliable. The Company felt the need for equipment modernization, but at the same time, there was a lacked expertise for the project implementation.

Having heard about the technical support, which can be granted under the RuSEFF program, the Company turned to UniCredit Leasing (UCL), one of the most active partners of the RuSEFF program, asking for the support. The RuSEFF experts assisted Baisad in the project design, and UCL financed a new equipment.

The new line allowed to decrease the energy costs by 40%, and to expand the production volume up to 5,000 tons of pasta with reduced energy costs. The payback period of the project is 3.4 years.