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April 2014

Sergey Kishchenko, the Chief engineer of the RuSEFF Program, took part in the 10th annual Conference jointly organized by the Energorynok journal and the Bureau of intellectual support of reforms in the energy sphere, and devoted to the discussion of modern problems of risk management in the Russian energy sector. In particular, several key aspects discussed during the Conference can be specified: profitability of investments in the construction sector and the sphere of modernization of heat supply facilities, problems of forecasting energy price risks, and the general model of heat market.

RuSEFF expert delivered a speech on the experience of the Program on energy and financial evaluation of the cogeneration projects. Mister Kishchenko mentioned the key principles of RuSEFF, main spheres of investments, conditions of financial and technical support, and made some examples of successfully realized projects.   

The Chief engineer also noticed that the provided support helps enterprises properly evaluate the potential risks and make optimal decision for the realization of energy efficient project. For the most successful implementation of this approach, RuSEFF engineers conduct a comprehensive technical assessment of the enterprise on spot as the result of which several recommendations are proposed to let company decrease energy costs and increase the reliability and independence of its energy supply.  

Full video version of the RuSEFF’s presentation is available on the webpage of RIA Novosti: