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September 2012

In order to stimulate implementation of the program and to foster energy efficiency lending at ROSBANK incentive scheme for  bank staff members was launched with a total amount of 1500 EUR. The first five loans eligible to be financed under RuSEFF until September 2012 for EE modernisation are getting a money prize and a certificate for being proactive in the establishment of EE lending at Rosbank.

The incentive scheme worked very well: within 2 months 5 energy efficiency projects have been generated with a total amount of USD 17.2 million. The basic criteria for an EE loan is that the client saves at least 10% of energy through the investment financed by Rosbank or that the client is a producer of energy efficient equipments and materials. Two EE loans were generated by Moscow Head office and three loans came from Rostov branch. The bank clients used the RuSEFF loans to invest in equipment modernisation, building refurbishment, replacing old trucks and one was a producer of insulation material used in construction works. The implemented measures allowed companies to improve profitability and strengthened their market position.

After results were summed up and the winners were nominated, RuSEFF team organized awarding ceremonies in Moscow and Rostov.

We are happy to present the first four winners of the RuSEFF contest in EE lending at Rosbank. They are:

1.      Tamara Polyanicina (Moscow);

2.      Natalya Kislyakova (Moscow);

3.      Vistoryia Kapliy (Rostov);

4.      Maria Tashkenova (Rostov).

To celebrate success and to share experience representatives of both EBRD offices in Moscow Mr. Grechikho and in Rostov-on-Don Mr. Adamyan  were taking part in  the ceremonies.

To foster energy efficiency lending RuSEFF announced of the second round of the competition: RuSEFF: Energy Efficiency Financing.