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May 2014

NBD-Bank is one of the first and, at the same time, one of the most active participants of the RuSEFF Program, which at the current time has already financed 60 projects totaling at more than USD 930 million. Realized projects covered the territory of the Nizhny Novgorod region and directed to the development of energy efficiency in different spheres of economy.

More than a half of investments (56%) were targeted to working capital of the producers of energy efficient goods, 24% - transport replacement, 9% - modernization of machinery and 4 % - construction and building modernization.

The positive impact of RuSEFF projects, financed by NBD-Bank, totheenvironment cast no doubt. Their realization led to the reduction of energy consumption by more than 130,000 MWh (in fuel equivalent), which is equal to the demand of 15,600 households, and the overall reduction of CO₂ emissions was estimated at 26,000 tons or annual greenhouse gas emissions  from13,000 passenger cars.

In whole, RuSEFF Program has proved that energy savings can not only benefit to the environment, but be profitable for the investors. The average level of energy savings in the jointly realized with NBD-Bank projects was 33%, the level of profitability exceeded 18%, and payback period was 3-5 years.

Moreover, NBD-Bank together with RuSEFF experts organizes seminars for the owners of small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which allow the latter to upgrade their level of knowledge concerning different options and benefits of energy saving, and know more about examples from the Russian and foreign experience. As a rule, many participants further become clients of RuSEFF asking for energy assessment. That’s why, not surprisingly, more than 40 clients of NBD-Bank had already received free-of-charge independent support of RuSEFF experts, which helped SMEs to reveal their potential in the sphere of energy efficiency.

To sum up, such fruitful cooperation between NBD-Bank and RuSEFF Program shows that the Russian companies started to make more investments in the sphere of energy efficiency having been convinced that they are profitable even without use of state subsidies.


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