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November 2013

REF–2013 is a conference organized by the IBC center with support of various companies active in the field of sustainable energy, for example, AEG power solutions, 3W power, Windparks Ukraine, Helios strategy, Martifier Solar, and many others and held from November 12 to 13, 2013. The conference became a platform for discussions for more than 200 participants from 20 countries active in the field of sustainable energy.

RuSEFF director Mr. Werner Peylo was amongst the key speakers at this conference reporting about the successful implementation  of RuSEFF as a leading instrument in financing sustainable energy in Russia. Other key speakers were Ivan Grachev, head of the energy committee of the State Duma, Sergey Esyakov, representing the State Duma committee of small energy; Igor Kozhukovsky – Deputy director of the Russian Energy Agency.

Speeches and discussions were focusing on:

– current measures and legal framework of state support for the renewable energy sector in Russia and the possibilities of their improvement;

– problems, possible solutions and future prospects of the renewable energy sector in Russia;

– positive experience of CIS countries in the renewable energy sector and lessons learnt for Russia;

– possibilities of renewable energy sector financing in Russia (for which RuSEFF could provide many positive examples).

Outcome of the coference basically was that Russian public and businesses are showing a growing interest in sustainable energy issues. However, legal framework for implementing sustainable energy measures in Russia still can and need to be improved. On the whole, current level of sustainable energy application is still quite low in Russia.