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April 2014

Based on the results of 2013, Rosbank has financed 37 projects exceeding Rub 900 mln in close partnership with the RuSEFF Program. More than 52% of all RuSEFF investments were made in the Central Federal district (CFD) of the Russian Federation, 22% - in Ural FD, 14% - in Siberian. Approximately 50% of the loans were granted to the enterprises in engineering industry, 25% were directed to the development of environmentally friendly transport, and also the production of energy efficient items. The rest was invested in construction and light industry.

Jointly supported by Rosbank and RuSEFF projects had made a significant contribution to the environment. Their realization led to the energy savings totalling at 70,000 MWh in fuel equivalent. Itcanbecomparedwiththeenergyconsumptionof8,000 householdsandannual CO₂emission from 9,000 passenger cars. During the period of collaboration, RuSEFF experts with Rosbank support had held several workshops in the largest Russian economic centres: Vladivostok, Irkutsk, Kemerovo, Novosibirsk, Omsk, Ekaterinburg, Krasnodar and Saint-Petersburg.

RuSEFF representatives also visited more than 50 production sites in these regions and offered to the clients of Rosbank free-of-charge independent technical assistance. This allowed many companies to reveal their significant potential in the sphere of energy saving and guarantee the profitability of their investments without the use of state subsidies.

Director of RuSEFF Program,Werner Peylo: “Last year – 2013 – was associated with the most success for the Program, during this period the total amount of realized projects doubled. Rosbank was one of the first partners of RuSEFF and without any doubt it made a significant contribution to the development of energy efficient technologies in Russia.  Energy saving is becoming a great topic for Russia and with the intensification of competition in the Russian economy and the observed permanent growth of energy tariffs, many owners of the companies started to pay more attention to this issue. This intention found a substantial support from EBRD, which helps entrepreneurs and companies of our partner financial institutions (both banks and leasing companies) through technical support in the realization of energy efficient projects.”

CEO of Rosbank, Dmitry Olyutin: “Energy efficiency is getting more and more important issue. Russian economy is moving to the direction of implementation more energy efficient and environmentally sound production. This process is observed in different sectors of the economy. Rosbank is successfully contributing to the reduction of energy intensity of the Russian industrial sector due to the effective cooperation with RuSEFF. Modern technical solutions to the existing problems offered by RuSEFF experts allow our clients to increase the commercial efficiency of their production and – at the same time – mitigate risks for the environment.”


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