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April 2014

The seminar devoted to the energy efficiency was jointly organized by the RuSEFF and UniCredit Leasing on March 12, 2014. Several regional clients of Unicredit from Voronezh, Lipetsk, Elets working in metallurgy, construction, transport and light industry took part in the seminar.  

More than 50-% annual growth of tariffs on electricity and natural gas observed during the last decade was the reason of serious concern for the entrepreneurs. Thus in the frames of RuSEFF Program Unicredit Leasing created a special product– “EcoLeasing”, which aims at decrease in energy costs of entrepreneurs due to the investments in modern energy efficient equipment for production modernization, heating and lighting systems’ replacement.  

Together with RuSEFF Unicredit Leasing offers financial and technical support during the realization of energy efficient projects.

One of the most modern technologies is mini-CHP which allows together with heat produce electricity depending on the needs of the company. It is important to notice that mini-CHP is a free by-product of the electricity production. Energy saving from the implementation of such technology can reach up to 50% and the cost of 1 kW of electricity on average is equal to RUB 2.5. Mini-CHP is a technology which has been already successfully implemented by large Russian electricity consumers and is an excellent energy saving alternative for the centralized electric power supply.  

The choice of optimal option for mini-CHP depends on lots of factors and claims for thorough evaluation. RuSEFF experts can solve this problem using their free-of-charge technical assessment being provided to the Unicredit Leasing clients, who are interested in cogeneration.

Practical cases of the implementation of energy saving technologies were the subject of particular interestfrom the clients of Unicredit in Voronezh, thus similar seminars will be held in other Russian cities soon.


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