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March 2012

On 01 of March, 2012 Bank Center-Invest joined RuSEFF facility and opened new possibilities for their clients to invest into the modernisation of production equipment and improve the efficiency of the production process. A special focus of RuSEFF lies in increasing the energy efficiency in companies in industry and agriculture by targeted investments. RuSEFF is a loan program developed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development enabling small and medium sized companies to replace old worn and torn equipment by modern energy efficient ones.

Bank Center-Invest was founded in 1992 and is now the largest bank in the Southern Russia. Today  it has more than 140 branches  and representative offices  in Moscow and London.

The bank has a successful and long lasting experience in the field  of energy efficiency lending in the region.  Center-Invest is aimed to support small and medium sized enterprises developing sustainable partnership for modernisation. Taking into consideration specifics of  Southern Russia  Center-Invest expects to realize  many  projects in agriculture field.  The first region to launch the facility is Krasnodarskiy krai where already a large number of small and medium sized companies expressed their interest in using RuSEFF loans from Bank Center-Invest to acquire modern energy efficicient equipment.